Wish You Were Here

Our little planet. Filled with infinite possibilities.

There are volumes of books, magazine articles and countless travel shows dedicated to the must-sees, to-experience, the top tens− often broken down further by year, location or travel genre. I can’t seem to finish reading “100 Things to Do” or “1,000 Places to Visit” nevermind planning an actual life to-do list. These titles mostly end with the phrase “Before You Die” which further complicates matters and in fact could be tomorrow but more likely will be decades from now. Either way and even for the most dedicated traveller, the world is big. People and places change. No one can go everyplace, all the time.

The enormity of options finds me considering just two, stay or go. Easily and for hours and without leaving the house I can listen to travelers’ tales, read posted articles and watch travel documentaries; staying yet seeing the world, enthralled with the joyfully delicious details of exotic cultures or hometown secret gems. Wait, the allure of going is strong. Quietly, endlessly calling. In these pages you’ll find my own before-I-die contributions, dedicated to my fellow forever-tourists. Musings from my experiences on ever varying subjects that have captured my imagination. Especially for my family and friends, new and old, who can’t always see the world with me as jobs, family or finances rule out the possibility of shared adventures. From the haters of flying to those intrigued but blessedly content at home, whether you’ve been there or rather hoped some day − come along with me in these pages.

Thank you for visiting and please do share your thoughts, ideas or suggestions.

Just know wherever I am, wherever I will go − wish you were here.

One comment on “Wish You Were Here

  1. kuri says:

    I’ll certainly be traveling with you! 🙂 Well, at least vicariously. Asia is a must do!

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